I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the Mini Melts cart you sent for the Timber Canyon area on Dollywood.

I've enjoyed our business relationship for several years now and hope that we can continue to strengthen that relationship in the future.

Again, thank you for the cart - it certainly adds to the visual appeal of the area.

Joe Lindsey
Director, Food Service

Nashville Shores

After meeting John Kalfayan at IAAPA in November 2007, I walked away impressed not just with his presentation but the product as well. Just having left the Dip n’ Dots booth, Mini Melts product taste samples outshine their product. There was no comparison in flavor and texture. John had me sold.

Now the hard part. Dip n’ Dots was a regular success at our waterpark. Even their founder lives just a few miles away. Mini Melts in their back yard. No way I thought. John persisted, even sending samples for the office staff to taste. John and the Mini Melts staff offered us support that your competitors never offered.

The switch was made and in spring of 2008 we became an official Mini Melts park. On opening weekend we completely sold out of our initial order. A large majority of our attendance, on opening day, was season pass holders. I thought they might resist purchasing a new product. My fears soon subsided. The Mini Melts ordering staff quickly made sure we had product in our hands for the next operating weekend. One of our goals was to increase sales to adults. We had the kids sold with our previous product, but adults resisted. Once an adult tasted your product, they not only ordered, they ordered the large size. Thus our overall sales increased over the previous season.

The equipment works great. We had problems with our previous equipment basically shutting down when the temperature reached over 98 degrees. Your equipment held up and we did not loose any product due to melting this season.

I am looking forward to a long and lasting relationship with Mini Melts. Your product and service is outstanding. Mini Melts is not just concerned with selling a product, they create a relationship as well. I would highly recommend Mini Melts to any facility looking for a high quality ice cream.

David M. Businda
Director of Park Operations
Nashville Shores

Mini Melts Ice Cream Product Endorsement by Gene Landrum, PhD

"I love it man! (Mini Melts Ice Cream)."

"You're right on."

"Mini Melts is a fantastic ice cream product that both kids and grown ups too will go ga-ga over."

"Great packaging, name and flavor all combine to place Mini Melts on the cutting edge of commercially packaged deserts."

"As the founder of Chuck E. Cheese, I know firsthand that there is no better match than kids and ice cream."

"Any fun business or venue that sells to kids MUST sell Mini Melts Ice Cream."

"It's a no-brainer - more ka-ching!"

"I heartedly endorse Mini Melts Ice Cream and encourage every kid's based business, including Chuck E. Cheese, to sell this fabulous product."

Gene Landrum, PhD
Founder of Chuck E. Cheese business

Inc. 500: 2007 Honoree

Mini Melts Inc was selected as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by INC Magazine, with a massive growth rate of over 800% in the last 3 years Mini Melts Inc ranked 274 in the Inc 500.

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