15 May 2004:

Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce, Near Hartford in Connecticut opened today for the summer, with three Mini Melts carts. This is the oldest theme park in the United States, opening in the 1840's, they are now owned by the Kenny Wood group.

They decided to replace all their Dippin' Dots Carts after they tried Mini Melts at the 2003 IAAPA show.

Thank you for all your support, we could not do it without you!

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21 February 2004:

Breaking News

PATENT INVALIDITY - Between Dippin' Dots, Inc & Defendants Mini Melts, Inc.

See Verdict:

19 November 2003:

Wet'n Wild Orlando

We were approached by Bob Esty in March of 2003 regarding his product, Mini Melts. We were impressed with the product, however having been associated with Dip 'n Dots for several years we were skeptical of changing.

What was agreed to was a month long samplling between the two products. Customers were given the opportunity to sample both. Mini Melts was selected by 65% of those sampled.

In May we made the decision to change from Dip 'n Dots to Mini Melts. While Dip 'n Dots is an outstanding product, we felt that Mini Melts had gone one step further with regards to quality.

As the season progressed our sales showed significant increases. Customer reaction to the product if very favorable. The entire Mini Melts family, from President Tom Mosley, to the main distributor in Florida, Bob Esty, has made the transition for us simple. The servicing of our account is done with the utmost professionalism.

The bottom line is they, Mini Melts, are concerned with more than just selling products; they are orientated to creating a relationship as well.

Joel Mannheim
Director of Food & Beverage
Wet'n Wild Orlando