September 2004:

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

We are pleased with the addition of Mini Melts to our product line. We have looked at similar type products in the past. We were pleased when we spoke to Tom and Larry at Mini Melts, they were both professional and helpful. We chose to go with Mini Melts and have had tremendous success since adding it to our operation. Our Per Caps were impacted right away. We ordered a second cart within our first week of operation.

Unlike similar products Mini Melts has very good butterfat content and actually has pleased many guests expecting a less creamy product like the competition. Our guests and staff have been very excited about Mini Melts and we are getting great financial results.

Dan Anderson
Food Services Manager
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

21 July 2004:

Allan Shivers Library and Museum

"Your generous donation of Mini Melts for our Reading Program Party was a very welcome addition."

"The children will remember the delicious treat for a long time to come."

Rosemary Bunch
Allan Shivers Library and Museum

6 July 2004:

Mini Melts Makes a Big Splash in Canada

Mini Melts has arrived in Canada.

You can now find delicious Mini Melts at three locations in Niagara Falls, by the world famous Maid of the Mist, at Table Top and next to the Casino. Congratulations to Lou Perry for negotiating with the Canadian Parks Department and arranging locations in one of the number one tourist attractions in all of Canada.

Sales are incredible! The day after Canada Day almost 3000 cups were sold in just one of the locations, making it one of the busiest Mini Melts locations in the world.

In anticipation of incredible growth in Canada, we have opened a factory in Toronto. This brings our world wide total to 9 factories and sales in 16 countries.

I just returned from there and I have not quite decided which takes my breath away more, Mini Melts or the Falls!

Best regards,
Tom Mosey

3 July 2004:

Breaking News

PATENT INVALIDITY - Between Dippin' Dots, Inc & Defendants Mini Melts, Inc.

23 June 2004:


"I can recommend Mini Melts to any foodservice operation. The president of Mini Melts, Tom Mosey, is a true professional who assisted us in getting started with Mini Melts at our ballpark, and was an instrumental part of dealing with our client, the Somerset Patriots."

"Tom helped us through a few electrical issues with our freezers, as well as repairing a sneeze guard that got hit by a foul ball. Tom and Mini Melts have exceeded my expectations and Tom's professionalism and expertise are an asset to any other foodservice operation. Please contact me with any questions regarding Mini Mlets operation at our ballpark. I can be reached at 908-255-1428."

Michael McDermott
General Manager
Somerset Patriots