22 August 2006:

Specialty Retail Report

"Before most kids their age had figured out where they wanted to go to college, Shawn and Dan Kilcoyne were on their way to success. While their classmates were worried about tests, the brothers were growing a business selling flash-frozen ice cream. Today, Shawn, 28, and Dan, 23, own close to 100 vending machines that dispense Mini Melts, treats cryogenically frozen into little chunks of melt-in-your-mouth ice cream."

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22 August 2006:

PhillyBurbs: Ice Cream In A Machine

"When Dippin' Dots sued Mini Melts for allegedly violating its patent, the brothers were named in the lawsuit. Dan was just 18. Their parents took out a second mortgage to keep their businesses afloat, but one by one, they closed the Dippin' Dots kiosks they had worked so hard to build.

Mosey helped defend the Kilcoynes, and eventually the lawsuit was thrown out of court after a judge found that Dippin' Dots' creator had acquired his patent by fraud." - Crissa Shoemaker DeBree, Bucks County Courier Times.

7 August 2005:

Breaking News

Judge awards over $1.9 million in attorney fees - Between Dippin' Dots, Inc & Defendants Mini Melts, Inc.

18 November 2004:

Exploding Ice Cream

"Exploding ice cream. Mini Melts, a brand of cryogenically frozen "popcorn" ice cream, has added carbon-dioxide-infused Pop Rocks candy to create Mini Melts Rocks. Company owner Tom Mosey hasn't heard the urban legend about the child star who blew up after mixing Coke and Pop Rocks, but he swears his product is only dangerous to those watching their weight." - Jayne Clark, USA TODAY

September 2004:

FUNWORLD: Mini Melts Arrive in Canada

Mini Melts, the cryogenically frozen ice cream (in other words, deeply frozen ice cream), has debuted in Canada. Now available at locations in Niagara Falls - near the world famous Maid of the Mist, at Table Top, and next to The Casino. The Canadian Parks Department approved the deal, and on the day after Canada Day (July 1), almost 3,000 cups of Mini Melts were sold in just one location, making it one of the busiest Mini Melt locations in the world.

In anticipation of incredible growth in Canada, the company has opened a factory in Canada. Mini Melts is uniquely made, with no air whipped into it as with traditional ice cream. As a result, it cannot be scooped, but it does pack flavor into a variety of exciting shapes.

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