31 August 2007:

Groton Bible Chapel

I would like to thank you for providing Mini-Melts for our last day of Vacation Bible School. There were many happy boys and girls in the Middle Department which were the winners of coin challenge. You generosity is greatly appreciated.

In Him,
Lloyd Bayreuther
Groton Bible Chapel

July/August 2007:

Food And Drinks: Deep Freeze by Kathryn Jones

"We were the small guy getting pounded by the giant, but we managed to succeed and were able to weather that storm." - Tom Mosey, President Mini Melts Inc.

When Mini Melts president Tom Mosey founded the company in 1996, his mission was to market a product that people all over the world love, young or old: ice cream. However, Mini Melts is not your ordinary ice cream.

As for why Mosey opted to sell publishing company and invest in a cryogenically frozen ice cream, he explains that two special people played a big role in his decision. "If you look on our Web site, it has a picture of two kids eating Mini Melts," He says. "Those are my kids."

"I tell people that they can be assured they're getting the best-quality product because we make it for those kids. I know that sounds corny, but it's actually true. Business is business. I don't have to do this particular business, but my kids really enjoy it. They couldn't care less if their dad owns a real estate in Dallas, but if he owns an ice cream company, that's fun and exciting. It's pretty much the only ice cream they'll eat, so it has to be the very best."

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23 August 2007:

Inc. 500: 2007 Honoree

Mini Melts Inc was selected as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by INC Magazine, with a massive growth rate of over 800% in the last 3 years Mini Melts Inc ranked 274 in the Inc 500.

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2 August 2007:

What Can We Do To Help You Be Successful

After a year of being with you guys, I would like to take a moment to compliment the guys behind the scenes. To start, the whole organization seems to have taken a different attitude since the winter months. Before, it was an organization, who, like many, was rigid on its 'rules' and policies. Now, you guys are a 'what can we do to help you be successful'.

Bill lent me a coin sorter. "No, our policy is this"........ but after a few seconds, "okay, here is what I can do". It saved the account, him helping me. Dan with monthly invoicing to me on-line. Rick in the back helping me with fliers, signs, etc.

Kim is such a sweetheart. She is the epitome of "how can I help you". Anytime I have an emergency or need to talk with someone, others would just right down a note. She makes sure the note is received and calls me back if the person might not get back to me right away. She always has my invoices right away, even bringing them to the dock if we are still loading up. The little things that make a difference.

Dan on the dock was very helpful for me. Making sure he packed things right, with enough snow, etc. He is in back now but wanted to compliment him. The lady, I can't remember her name, in back was helpful in getting orders or getting new tags, all on a timely basis.

Matt, great guy. Helped me several times with vending machine questions and equipment questions if Bill and/or Rick was away. Always helping me if I needed it.

There is a great attitude there now, Tom. From top to bottom, there is a 'can do' attitude. I thought you should know. With this regime in CT, you will continue to succeed, Tom. Congratulations on being in the top 100........ CT is a major reason why.......... its people.

Have a great day guys............

Jim Tyler
Mini Melts ice cream
Your gateway to a successful FUNdraiser, Fair, & Event,
Adding sales to businesses along the seacoast
87 Oak Hill Road
Barrington, NH 03825
phone 603/ 664-5153
fax 603/ 664-8905
cell 603/ 828-2109

16 October 2006:

Entrepreneur of the Year - Shawn Kilcoyne

Shawn Kilcoyne
President, Mini Melts of America, Inc.
Langhorne - PA US

When Shawn Kilcoyne was eighteen and his brother Dan was fifteen they went on vacation in Orlando. The brothers, who always dreamed of becoming entrepreneurs, discovered DippinDots. The brother developed a business plan. To their surprise, they were approved. They started selling the ice cream in their high school cafeteria. Within three years, they built the third largest DippinDots Dealership.

However, the suspension of the DippinDots dealer network destroyed everything the brothers worked so hard for. DippinDots decided to turn into a franchise, adding expensive royalties. The brothers began to look for alternative sources for the product. They stumbled across U.K. manufacture with a similar product called Mini Melts. Shawn immediately contacted the Mini Melts to build a manufacturing plant in the U.S.

Once they switched, DippinDots sued Mini Melts for patent violation and named them in the suit. Unable to afford the lawsuit, they were forced to close. However, the manufacturer of Mini Melts, had the wherewithal to continue. Durning the trial it was discovered that Dippin’ Dots committed fraud in the patent application process. Mini Melts won the lawsuit.

Shawn and Dan formed Mini Melts of America and decided to open vending machine locations instead of retail outlets. Today Mini Melts operates over 300 Mini Melts locations.

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