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Laura Galbraith:Hey there from Canada!!!! Had the opportunity to try Mini Melts a month or so ago and absolutely LOVED them!!! Do you have any stores in Canada yet? Will you be bringing them to Canada soon? Where? When? Thanks!
Helen:I love ur Mini Melts there better than Dippin Dots. I had 3 dishes at my cheering competition today. There very expensive though, maybe if you wouldn't mind you can mail me free sample. Only if is allow though I don't want to cause your business any expenses.
Michaela:Your ice cream is really really good I love it I get it every day!!!!!
Thomas Wheeler:I read your article and it was justice I like Dippin Dots too, but when I read your info on what happened to you guys I was very mad I am a small business man little older myself working towards running a restuarant and I was trying to look to have Dippin Dots to sell in my establishment I no longer do, cause of what I read whether you wholesale or not to me You got my business and I support you all day long I wanted info on vending or selling your product in my store in my place I am in S.C. and there is a Dippin Dots in aiken S.C. about 30mls away I would love to have the real people who deserve the recognition and the glory to be represented in my establishment and if not I will find it and eat it anyway all the best thanks truly. I support you 1000%
Rossana Johnson:My name is Rossana Johnson, I saw a Mini Melts machine in one of our local malls and introduced them to my 3 year old son, now he thinks I can just go to the store and purchase Mini Melts. I hate to disappoint him. He really loves the cottoncandy flavor. Actually, I do too. Can you tell me if there is a Mini Melts store the area of Baltimore County, Md.

Everytime we go to the mall, Tyler, my 3 year old knows exactly where the machine is and goes straight to it. I sure hope there is a store somewhere close. This is the only treat he will sit still for. Once his cup is dropped down, he gets it out of the machine and finds the nearest bench and will not move until he is finished.
Stacy Boyd:We love this product alot, and would love to start this business in canada. Please respond back. thank you
Jared Shepherd:Wanting to start a shaved ice trailed and offer ice cream, (Hopefully Mini Melts) However I am willing just to sell Mini Melts. If regulations require that be all I can sell. I know your product has huge selling potential. And my Wife and I are huge fans!
Annika:I had your GREAT tasting ice cream at a Target here in New York City. Do you have ice cream available for sale in supermarkets, for just a one family consumer somewhere in the NYC area?? I've been checking every supermarket I walk into, without luck!
Lindsey:I have snack/chip and pop vending machines. I wanted to get involved in Dip n Dots but did not want to pay the fees. Then I found Mini Melts!
Geraldine Gardner:Just wanted to say that we order 2 gallons of mini-melts for our daughters 10th birthday party and it was the hit of the sleepover. Everything arrived as described and it was delicious. We will certainly recommend you to friends and will absolutely order mini-melts for other parties. We hope to try out all your flavors. Thank you it was terrific!!