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Monica Grude:I was wondering if it is possible to sell this product in Norway. Tried it in Canada last week and LOVED it!
Mike Castro:I love Mini Melts and they are the best ice cream. They are much better than dipping dots. I was wondering if Mini Melts can be sold at grocery stores under the frozen foods elie. In packages of 4 cups a box. That would be an awesome idea because I don't go to malls often so I rarely get Mini Melts. I would to be able to enjoy Mini Melts at my home. If it is possible can you right back if this idea would be use? Thank you for reading.
Kisha:I love the Mini Melts and I was wondering can I get them mail or can I pick up some from a warehouse or can they be delivery to me I really love them.
Shari L Hearns:I own an ice cream truck. I love the Mini Melts ice cream. I am interested in investing in the Mini Melts brand through vending. Any information that can be mailed to me would be greatly appreciated.
Yvonne Tran:Love your product. Try it in front of New England Aquarium in Boston. Like to have more info for the business. Thanks!
Beth Jarvis:My family tasted your Mini Melts at the Stone Mountain Park in Georgia this past weekend and loved it. I would like information re: starting up a vending machine business in my town of Rome, GA i.e. costs, supplies, etc. This could potentially be a great business for a stay-at-home Mom like myself. Thank you so much for your time and for offering a fantastic product.
Kim Rickolt:I was just at a mall in Orlando, FL when we saw and bought from a Mini Melts vending machine. I was so impressed that I want to find out what is involved in setting up a vending operation in my home town of Ocala, FL. Please send info on start up costs, reorders and any other info that may be helpful.
Emma:These things are the best and the coldest EVER .... are they really made of dry ice? I love them. I think you should sell them in the Kelowna pear/apple and main mall please. My sister and I super love them. Well, anyway to the person who invented these THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!!!! ME AND MY PALS LOVE YOU ...PS MY DOG LIKES THE CHOCOLATE EXTREEM THAT'S MY FAVORITE ALSO BUT, I THINK YOU NEED TOO INVENT MORE FLAVORS.
Melody Dosher:I am looking for a great business with reasonable franchise outlay. I love your product!
Danielle Taylor:I would like to know how I could go about purchasing some Vending machines. I am thinking about getting into the business because I love your product. Can you give me some information on how to get started?