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Michelle Weintraub:My kids LOVE Mini Melts! Where can I get them closer to my home other than driving to the Short Hills Mall!!!! We live in Westfield New Jersey.
Wei Tang:Hi, I have recently tasted you wonderful product and planning to open a Mini Melt retail store in Long Island, New York myself. I was wondering if you can provide me with some of retail or Franchise Information such as retail pricing for the ice creams and the amount capital investment that's needed to open a franchise.
Lissette Perez:Hi, I'm a cutomer and I have to say that this are the best thing that I ever tasted. However I go 3 times in a week and but me and my family alot of Mini Melts they are great, I even travel about 35 mintues just to go to the mall and get me some of those ice cream they are the best...!!!
Travis Handford:We love Mini Melts! We like to bring Mini Melts to Arizona.
Tracy Leiper:We were able to try minimelts and loved the taste. We would like to bring this product to our area of Alberta, Canada.
Eun Ji Baek:Thank you so much for e-mailing me about the order. Mini Melts is the best ice-cream I have ever eaten. You guys are the best. We love this company. Thank You!
Ana Camacho:My daughter tried your ice cream and loved it. I'm not sure which form of selling is best for me, however, I would like more information to be able to make a decision.
Robert Wightman:I love you product and I will like if is posible to sell it in Colombia. Please send me some information, Thank You.
Luis Aquino:Where are your stores located? I will be visiting the Orlando area in December and would love to try the product. Also, please send Franchising information. I live in Puerto Rico.
Kenny From Brooklyn N.Y.:I would like to know how I could go about purchasing some Vending machines. I am thinking about getting into the business because I love your product. Can you give me some information on how to get started?