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Janet Lucena:Where can I go to buy and enjoy Mini Melts. I first had a taste at Wet n Wild and I am hooked!! Is there a vendor in Florida where I can get some on a normal day? Thank you. JL
Nina:I am very thrilled about all the sweet and good things I've found out about Mini Melts and even though I haven't taste this ice cream I figured that if it can actually make me wanna just taste it it means it must be good and because of this I figured that this would be the product that I want to start with as a business. So please help me on what and how I should do to have one of my own thank you so much in advance for this wonderful idea and more success!!!
Tino Maldero:I saw your idea on Oprah a few years ago and have been fascinated ever since. I have a real desire to bring your product to Australia and would love some feedback on how I can make my dream a reality. It is truly a fantastic product and I feel I could really make it work in this country. So please if you can share any ideas please contact me. Thank you Tino Maldero.
Ali Frisch:I am very, very excited about this product. I live in a beautiful suburb outside of Cleveland and have a few areas that I know would be extremely popular. I look forward to learning more about your company. Have a great day, Ali Frisch
Debbra Mason:My family and I just had Mini Melts for the first time at a fishing derby and we were wondering where we could get this tasty treat? Can we only get it at fairs and like? Why don't you sell it in stores? I don't care for ice cream but this was the best tasting stuff I have every eaten. My husband is a diabetic. Do you have sugar free? Do you have something like this for fund raisers for cub scouts?
Sonja Salas:Looking to start a business with husband and the kids. wW love your products and this will be a way to spend time and make money together as a family.
Kevin Kimball:I am interested in making some extra money by purchasing a Mini Melts vending machine. I looked over the website but wasn't able to find any info on how much they are. I would love to get some more information. Thank you.
Nicholas May:Hello - I enjoyed Mini Melts for the first time a couple of weeks ago in Kansas City. I fell in love with the product! I have never seen them sold in Tennessee. I would like to inquire into representing you here in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.
Laurie Houle:3 of my co-workers and I were lucky enough to taste Mini Melts. We absolutely love them. They have a really unique feel when you put them in your mouth and you just can't stop eating till its gone! Awesome!
John A. Szymanski:Dear friends I was at the Christana Mall in Newark Delaware today saw you vending machine with Mini Melts I thought is was great nice job on that ice cream. Well done indeed.