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Tracy Nobles:I love Mini Melts and am interested in getting information on the vending machines. Can you please send cost and any other information needed to start a Mini Melts vending business? Thank you.
Stacy:Just recently in the Bronx Zoo and had your product. Do you sell it in any grocery stores in South Carolina?
Cynthia Hendrix:I love them so I would like to buy them for my household.
MechaLexx:We saw Mini Melts in NH at Canobie Lake Park; are they available in NC anywhere? Thank you for your time.
Erica Kennedy:I have had this product many times in the U.S and was just recently in British Columbia (Kamloops)and saw the product there. I am interested in getting some franchise information about your company asap.
Stone Spicer:I'd like to investigate the possibility of setting up a street vending kiosk and/or Farmers Market tent here in Port Townsend for next summer. Recently tasted your Mini Melts in Victoria, BC and loved it.
Kimmi068:We have a request, We were wondering if your corporation would open a nearby store, in Calgary, Alberta. If not we would appreciate it if you would open more stores in Calgary so we can enjoy your LOVELY creations of a different way of making ice-cream. And making people's lives Happier. Including children and elders. WE LOVE YOUR ICE CREAM!
Tara Fulgham:I would like to know more about the vending machine business opportunity. I read about your company in Small Business Opportunities magazine and my kids and I love your ice cream.
Kandace Black:Hi Mini Melts! I am so excited about your product and would like to know the process in vending with your company! I am a Sole Proprietor and I have a federal tax id number. I look forward to hearing from you very soon! Thanks Kandace Black
Christy Mitchell:I sell ice cream and artic ice in my shop. Looking to add Mini Melts - they are so good!