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LBr493:i first tried Mini Melts in canada  on my holiday and they were delicious.
Annmarie Kornobis:My kids love this stuff!!  Is there anyway to order some?  Please let me know.
Teresa:Hello i love your Ice cream! but i cant seem to find a close one to my home. please tell me the closeast place to buy your kewl Ice cream:)
Sean Linehan:We are very happy with the machines and our new relationship with Mini Melts. We hope to continue and grow, and hopefully add more locations at our other malls.

I have tested the product myself.......and give it a thumbs up!
Pam DeAngelis:My family and I are interested in starting a small family business in which we could set up a small booth at local fairs and festivals. We tried Mini Melts while on vacation and they were delicious and not as costly as Dippin Dots.

There are several Dippin Dots around the area but, we feel Mini Melts would be a hit and our family could market them in our area.

Please send to us information regarding cost and procedures to get started in our own business with Mini Melts.
The Coolest Proposal Ever!:These happy couple found true love in a Mini Melts vending machine ... try a Mini Melts vending machine today, you never know what maybe waiting for you!

Needless to say this Happy Couple will enjoy all the Mini Melts they and their guests can eat on their wedding day, compliments of Mini Melts of course (if you submit a cooler proposal you may get the same)!
Morgan:Hi, Mini Melts are the best banana split rules!!! maybe you should sell vending machins for home but not so expensive for people to buy...SELL THEM PLEASSSSE..thank you.. REMEMBER SELL THEM.
Candy Martin:I tried this and my kids loved it can you buy this in bulk for personal use.
Melissa Barlow:I was recently on vacation in Florida and tried Mini Melts at Wet n Wild, I enjoyed every last bite. I was wondering, is there anywhere in Tennessee that sells Mini Melts. I miss them horribly and don't plan on visiting Florida anytime soon.
April:I love Mini Melts! They taste so good. they are really delicious and please never stop making them anytime soon. Whenever I see a Mini Melts station I have to go. I've only tried cotton candy but I can't get away from it. This is definitely the best thing I have ever tasted. My whole family loves them. Please put a vending machine in Huntington, WV or somewhere near my area.I would really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Bye!