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Michelle Noble:I was wondering is there anyway that I can purchase Mini Melts and have them shipped to Canada? We have a son with Type 1 diabetes and we recently on holiday in Florida and he was able to eat them every day and his blood sugar stayed normal. It would be wonderful for a kid to have treats that taste great and do not cause an elevation in blood sugars. If they can't be delivered to Canada now, are there any plans in the near future?
Helen Portillo:My name is Helen Portillo. I was first introduced to MiniMelts back in high school when I used to participate in band/drill team competitions. I love your ice cream and would like to share that with my co-workers. I am currently working at a company with over 200 employees. In April, we will have this event and I was wondering if you do catering?  We are located in Los Angeles,CA.. If you do cater, I would appreciate it if you could send me information about it.
Wendy Seaman:I am on the afterprom committee for Windsor High School, Windsor Colorado. Due to the tornado that ripped through our community May 22, 2008 donations from the local area are down.  We are looking for vendors to help us with the food for the after prom.  We have about 400 each year come to this event, It is a fun, safe environment for these kids. Please let me know if your company does anything like this.  We are asking Dipping Dots also but your product is so much better!
Hannah:I am a Mini Melts addict!!!! I just tried them in The Oxford Mall and OMG it was SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!
Jessica Wyatt:Please sell Cotton Candy in Mars The Grocery Store, I love your other Mini Melts.
Brian:I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with your company. I have called several times and spoke to Rochelle who went above and beyond to answer all my questions. I appreciate how quickly you were able to answer my emails about selling Mini Melts. I recently ordered 2 gallons to give to my brother-in-laws 6th grade classroom and my sisters' 2nd grade class, and they absolutely loved Mini Melts. The students answered a survey and I wanted to share you a few of their answers when asked what they thought about Mini Melts: I loved them, they are way better than Dippin Dots, I thought they had a taste that never went away, I thought that they tasted better than ice cream! I figured you would appreciate the reactions from these children, I know I did. I am currently reviewing the customer agreement with my attorney so I can join your amazing team.
Felicia Toney:I tasted the Mini Melts ice cream at the Memphis zoo today and I absolutely loved it! Where can I purchase Mini Melts in the Memphis area? Is this product carried in local grocery stores?
Lorin and Twyla Larman:We are very impressed with your website and want to start a business in the Dallas area. Is there any way to get Mini Melts in the Dallas area?
Lisa Weredick:Have had Mini Melts and they are great. Could you please send me information on pricing of the vending machine and other information regarding the vending setup. Thank you!
Vicki Jacks:I would like for someone to email me the prices of your products, including the ice cream and the different freezers and trailers. I am looking into getting started with a product to be able to sell at carnivals/festivals and I wanted to price your product. I think that Mini Melts would sell very well, I have had them and I liked them very much. I much prefer them to Dippin Dots. I just need a ballpark figure of about how much it would take to get started with this business. Thank you for your time!