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Angie Davis:I've just tried your ice cream and it's the best I've ever had! Oh my goodness! So good. I've never seen your brand here in Alabama until today. I found it at the Chevron/Buckeyes in Argo, AL. I can't wait to try the other flavors. :)
Rajesh Jethwani:Mini Melts is my best ice cream. I enjoy a lot having it.
Janson Cross:I tried the Mini Melts and absolutely loved it. I am interested in introducing this product to Bermuda.
Doug:I would like for someone to email me the prices of your products, including the ice cream and the different freezers and trailers. I am looking into getting started with a product to be able to sell at carnivals/festivals and I wanted to price your product. I think that Mini Melts would sell very well, I have had them and I liked them very much. I much prefer them to Dippin Dots. I just need a ballpark figure of about how much it would take to get started with this business. Thank you for your time!
Irenna Ivanova:I was wondering if you can send me some information, on how can we carry minimelts in our cafes. Last year we were also in the alumni corner at the Inc 500 event in Washington, and I had a chance to try your wonderful product. Thank you.
Nick:MiniMelts are very tasty. I tried them at Holiday World with my friend, and he said,"I like these better than Dippin Dots, Dippin Dots are Dippin Dots. these actually have flavor." I especially like the cake with sprinkles, we were amazed at how we were eating cupcakes in ice cream form!
Nataly:Hi there! I really love Mini Melts and I would like to know if it is possible to buy them in stores because I always bought them from automats but I'd like to have them at home :) Greets
Michael Bowers:Please send info. I love Mini Melts and it sells itself.
Cliff Crosby:Wanted to also share this cute story with you. A new Dippin Dots store just opened here in Wilson so we have been a little unsure how that would affect the Mini Melts business. My wife has a customer that brings her five year old daughter in every Wednesday for Mini Melts. When Dippin Dots opened the little girl told her mom that she wanted to try them and she was going to give an award for the best ice cream. Her mother told us that the owner of the Dippin Dots store served the little girl. When the girl tasted the Dippin Dots she said to the owner "yucko, this stuff has no taste".  The next week the little girl comes into our store and gives my wife a plastic medal and says Mini Melts is the best. We took a picture of the little girl and put it on our website.
Tricia Nunez:We own 3 indoor inflatable Family Entertainment Centers and would like to offer our customers your product. I tried it a local mall and my child loved it and it tasted great.