Mystic Aquarium & Institute For Exploration

I am happy to tell you that Mini Melts has been a big hit for us. Since you installed your vending units last year, we have experienced significantly increased revenue and customer satisfaction associated with Mini Melts.

Your customer service has been great. Your service technicians clean and stock the machines regularly, and if there's ever an occasional problem with a unit, your people have it up and running within an hour. Mind you, these units are cranking during our high season. They are invariably empty by the close of business on summer Sundays!

As you know, Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration is Connecticut's largest attraction, hosting 750,000 guests annually. As a marine research and education-based organization, we have to adhere to the highest standards in everything we do. As for the kids and families who visit with us, we have to ensure they are offered quality products that they enjoy. Mini Melts meet this standard with room to spare.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Best Wishes,
Peter Glankoff
Senior Vice President
Marketing and Public Affairs
Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration

Wildlife Conservation Society

I wanted to express how pleased we are with our current Mini Melts program at our 4 city Zoo's and the New York Aquarium. As you know we have been selling your product at our parks since the fall of 2005 and are very pleased with the product, equipment and overall support that we have received. It has allowed us to grow the program into all 5 facilities over the past year with great success.

The Wildlife Conservation Society is extremely satisfied with its relationship with Mini Melts and looks forward to continued growth in the future.

Niko Radjenovic
Director of Restaurant Services
Wildlife Conservation Society


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the Mini Melts cart you sent for the Timber Canyon area on Dollywood.

I've enjoyed our business relationship for several years now and hope that we can continue to strengthen that relationship in the future.

Again, thank you for the cart - it certainly adds to the visual appeal of the area.

Joe Lindsey
Director, Food Service

Mini Melts Ice Cream Product Endorsement by Gene Landrum, PhD

"I love it man! (Mini Melts Ice Cream)."

"You're right on."

"Mini Melts is a fantastic ice cream product that both kids and grown ups too will go ga-ga over."

"Great packaging, name and flavor all combine to place Mini Melts on the cutting edge of commercially packaged deserts."

"As the founder of Chuck E. Cheese, I know firsthand that there is no better match than kids and ice cream."

"Any fun business or venue that sells to kids MUST sell Mini Melts Ice Cream."

"It's a no-brainer - more ka-ching!"

"I heartedly endorse Mini Melts Ice Cream and encourage every kid's based business, including Chuck E. Cheese, to sell this fabulous product."

Gene Landrum, PhD
Founder of Chuck E. Cheese business

Calaway Park

In March 2008, Calaway Park began a four year agreement with Mini Melts. We have now finished our first season and are very pleased with the service provided to us by Mini Melts.

The product itself is excellent. Not only does it taste great, but it is also quick and easy to serve. Very little labour is required to run a Mini Melts outlet which is critical for us when looking at products to serve here. Because it is unique, it is very popular with our guests. We sell more Mini Melts product than we do hard or soft ice cream.

Mini Melts has met and exceeded our expectations in all areas of service. The ordering process is simple. We usually e-mail our inventory levels and Mini Melts helps us manage our stock by delivering what we need to take us through until our next delivery. They always have the required product available for us and we never ran out of product this season. When delivering product, they assisted our warehouse staff with filling the freezers. They also provided feedback to us regularly on ways we could improve our management of stock and increase sales. Our sales of this product increased substantially in 2008, after switching to Mini Melts.

It is a pleasure to write this letter for Mini Melts. We certainly value the working relationship we have with them and would recommend them to any business.

Colleen Magee
Food Service Manager
Calaway Park