Mini Melts Is A Dream Of An Ice Cream

Mini Melts ice cream is a beautiful and delicious product. We are able to make such a great product using leading edge technology and the best ingredients.

Mini Melts is manufactured across the world using specialized high tech equipment. Our equipment are manufactured by our experts in the United Kingdom and Canada.The finest quality of ingredients and a butter-fat content of 14% makes Mini Melts one of the highest quality ice cream products in the world. A lower fat product is also available. We also make water based ice lollies with exciting flavors for you when you want to cool down.

Mini Melts is manufactured using cryogenics. Cryogenics uses liquid Nitrogen (which is totally inert and tasteless) to instantaneously freeze Mini Melts to less than -187 °C (-304 °F). This is close to the coldest temperature that is achievable on earth. This rapid freezing process enables us to "lock in" the flavor. Special storage freezers are required to guarantee the highest flavor quality.

Mini Melts is uniquely shaped and comes in a wide variety of colours and flavors.

This unique shape makes it easy and quick to serve, to maximize sales at a site. It also makes it much cleaner than "ordinary" ice cream, especially with young kids.