Our Network

We opened our first Asian factory in Seoul South Korea in 1997. We opened our Middle East factory and distribution center in the United Arab Emirate of Sharjah. This factory serves Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula.

We also opened our factory in Florida in the United States in March of 2000. This factory was designed to supply Frosty Bites Ice Cream. We delivered a winning product, awarded the coveted best new product at the 2000 IAAPA show.

We launched Mini Melts in March 2003 and discontinued to supply Frosty Bites Ice Cream.

The massive growth potential of Mini Melts has led to the increase in the number of distribution channels across the globe. We now offer Mini Melts in over 20 countries and we are growing everyday. We have designed our factories in anticipation of the growing market and the possible expansion into potential new segments and currently have a worldwide production capacity in the millions of gallons.

Excellent locations include; theme parks, recreation centers, department stores, shopping malls, cafes, ice cream parlors, water parks, hotels, and specialty catering… the list goes on. Other high growth areas that have been identified include forming strategic partnerships with value-added resellers such as event & exhibition organizers and restaurant operators. The dynamic nature of the brand is reflected in adoption of the latest sales approach, automatic vending machines. These are located in highly populated urban areas for around the clock business.